Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

I  picked the one of three available bottles of Brewdog's new Double IPA, Born To Die from my local Molloys off-licence. At 11 euro its not cheap, but you do get 650ml of a 8.5% for you money though. 

Colour: Clear light golden, with a nice neat head 

Aroma: Big mango, C-hop with a very health does of tropical fruit. Finishing with little sweet malt

Taste: As you probably would expect been a double IPA and and beer from Brewdog. Hops would be expected to play canter stage if not hog all the limelight. It initial hits with a big volley  of mango and papaya. For a 8.5% beer the alcohol is very will hidden  allow all those aromas and flavours to come to the for.  There is a good body to the beer with plenty of  hop resins with every mouth full. Almost have a oily feel to it, but   all but in  a good way. The hop is bitterness is there but is not a prominent as you would expect for a 100 IBU beer. But this does not detract from the beer. 

Way back in the mid noughts there was  some  debate been beer among the beer nerds Beerinati and home-brewers. As to whether double IPA's were just American barley wines by another name. In fairness there where a few that possibly were at the time, with lager percentage of crystal malt. But Born To Die is certainly not one of these. Once all those lovely tropical aromas fade. Leaving nothing more than a skeleton of malt backbone holing up what was the delicate aromatic structure. An that is just the way it should be for double IPA's. Drink fresh and enjoy. 

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