Tuesday, June 9, 2015


A new kid on the block, Radik ale released his first beer, a couple of weeks ago. A single hopped (Chinook) american pale ale. 5.2% ABV and 36 IBU and places it in the drinking range for many of the public.  Alain had very kindly dropped of a couple of bottles for me to try at the 57th The Headlines. 

The urban homebrewing legends say's that one of the most famous Chinook single hop beers is Stone's big Arrogant Bastard. A big American strong ale and certainly not in the session range that Hopster is aimed at.  Single hop beer can be a great learning tool to understand what aromas and flavours certain hops can contribute to the beer. 

Colour: A dark amber, heading towards the red range., with a nice white head. Darker than most other pale ales on the scene, but a welcome addition.

Aroma: Upfront with dark/dank C hops, pine a little caramel and finishing with some light grapefruit. Not over powering, which kept it still a very approachable beer. 

Taste: My impression of this beer is of  a clean  and well brewed beer.Following with a good dose of dark fruits, rich caramel and a malt finish. As the beer warmed up the presences of the crystal malt was kept way  in check by the spicy/ grapefruit Chinook hops. The use of Chinook hops and a dark crystal malt, its hard not to draw parallels to that very famous west coast American strong ale. Great first beer from Radik ale. Hopster, a beer that has something for the hop fan right though to those looking for more from their red ales. I am looking forward to their next release.    

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