Friday, June 26, 2015

Descent into Anarchy

A few months ago Barry and Fitzwilliam distributors had kindly asked us to meeting up with the people behind Anarchy Brew Co Brewing at W.J. Kavanagh's. I thought this would be a good opportunity to check out a few place along my route to Kavanagh's. Using Google maps I planned out my route to hit some old and new spots, all with good and interesting beers. Give the number and spatial diversity of good beer bars/pubs around Dublin now. There are now a few good bimble's to be had. Unfortunately, this post is much later than I had anticipated as I lost some of my notes and pictures!

Porter house chocolate stout, Porterhouse Temple bar:

First stop was to check out this year’s release of the Porterhouse chocolate stout. I missed it last year, but the word was that this year was very good and worth seeking out.  In the glass it's black was you would expect with a nice dense white head. The aroma is of big cocoa and sweet chocolate. The chocolate theme is carried over in the taste, dry cocoa and dark chocolate finishing. With a slight bitterness that either came from the chocolate or hops. Great beer and I can see why this was such a hit this years, it’s just a pity I left it so long before trying it!

Panti Bars House Pale ale:

Next stop was to try Panti bars house Irish craft beer, Panti’s pale ale. Its brewer by Trouble brewing, so from the out it has a very good pedigree to fall back on. It poured amber in colour, a bit reminiscent of an English bitter. With an aroma of light citrusy hops. On the palate, there was a firm bitterness and hop resin from the hops. As the half warmed up, toffee/caramel and malt notes came to the fore. Given it's priced in at  4 euro a pint or 11 for a pitcher, it represents good value and a solid beer to boot. 

Respect your elders Galway bay brewery, The Black sheep:

This the 16th pilot batch out of  Galway Bay Brewery and  it was on cask at The Black sheep. Deep brown in the glass with a tight white head from been served through a sparkler. The aroma is clean, with a slight caramel/toffee and malt. Taste wise it’s a well attenuated beer. No big sugar/ caramel candy bomb, which something used to describe the style. Smooth melanoidins that is balanced out with the hop bitterness. A well brewed beer and served in good condition. 

My final stop and the main event was W.J. Kavanagh's. There were three  beer from Anarchy  available. All of them on keg, which it turned out unusual as they are manly a cask brewery.  First up was Anti-Vemon  IPA

Anti-Vemon  IPA:

In the glass, it was had a  slightly hazy yellow. The aroma was of mango and sweet American hops. The bitterness as lighter than I expected which was followed by slight malt sweetness, easy drinker of a 6% beer. 

Citra star:

Lighter than Anti-venom, weighing in at 4.1%. Big tropical fruit on the nose, with a very pleasing mouth feel and hop flavour. Overall a more balanced beer than Anti-venom   and a one that I have a few pints on the night.

Sublime Chaos:

A big stout (7%) and possibly off all the beer I would have really like to try on cask. The tread decription describes it as “ a stout infused with Ethiopian Guji natural coffee beans, balanced delicately with New Zealand hops.” It was as black as the ace of spades in the glass with a big cocoa noise. On the plate, there was a tsunami of dry cocoa and a light coffee and a chocolate sweetness finish. I did not really pick up the much in the way of the New Zealand hops. All in all a good stout.

Smoke Saison:
My favourite beer of the evening, it poured a pale hazy straw colour from the bottle. This beer is all about the aroma, up front bacon and beach wood finish with the classic Belgian/ saison phenols. On the palate there is the initial pepperiness from the saison yeast. Then creepy behind came the smokiness from the Rauch malt. This beer was perfectly balanced, something that is very had to achieve. Considering there are the phenols/ pepperiness of the yeast to marry with the acrid beach wood flavour. Nevertheless, they did manage to do it and I was told around 20% ruach was used. Which is also the class percentage for a very good smoked porter.  A very good beer and worth seeking out.

A big thank you to  Barry and FitzwilliamAnarchy Brew Co and W.J. Kavanagh's for have us all.

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