Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hop Adventure

I picked up O'Haras  new release. The first in a series of Single hop IPA's from my local Molloys off license. Single hop beers appear to be very much in vogue with Irish brewers these days and I say I can't complain.

For their first in the series they opted for the Japanese hop, Sorachi Ace. Developed by Sapporo its been around since the mid 1980's but came to the for with the hop crises of 2007-2008.  O'Haras has used it  for all bittering, aromatic and dry hop additions to maximise its potential in the beer. I have had a bit of a mix bag of experiences with this hop over the last few years. But proof is on the eating or in this case in the drinking.

Colour: Its pours a light yellow with a good head.

Aroma: Up front with a big citrus hit of lemon-grass, following a more subdued and smother gorse wild-flower.

Taste: It has the body of a west coast IPA with a rather pleasant slick hop mouth feel. Muted sweetens is the followed with lemon, hop acids and bitterness. The crystal malt has been retained allow the hop to shine through. A little reminiscent of a lemon margarine pie filling in a strange way and could be quite refreshing on a hot day. For those that are unfamiliarly with this unique hop it worth checking out.

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