Friday, September 23, 2016

Hop Test American Pale Ale : Eureka!

Hop Test American Pale Ale : Eureka!

The moment when Archimedes realised that hop steeping is awesome for aromatics hops!

Shane from The Home Brew Company kindly offered me some of the new hop varieties that recently come to the market to try out. The first up is Eureka! The concept was fairly simple, brew a straight forward APA, not a SMaSH but a recipe that will allow the hop and malt to play together. With Eureka for last/dry hop additions and a batch size will be around 22 liters.

Eureka is decided as An offspring of Apollo and German Merkur, Eureka! has aromas and characteristics of strong herbal notes, pine, mint, grapefruit rind, tangerine, and other citrus. Great for brewers looking for varieties to use in late addition, whirlpool, or “hop stand” hop additions.” Via Some have also called to simcoe  on steroids !

Anticipated OG:                1.050   
Anticipated SRM:              6.8
Anticipated IBU:                38.0
Brewhouse Efficiency:       70 %

Name                                        %     Amount                          
Pale Malt                                   90.0     4.50 kg.
Cara-Pils/ Dextrine Malt           5.0     0.25 kg.                  
Crystal 40L                               5.0     0.25 kg.                    

Amount     Name                            Form        Time
20g.        Herkules                         Whole       60 min.
70g         Eureka                            Pellet        Hopsteep 30 minutes.
30g         Eureka                            Pellet        Dry Hop

Yeast: US-05 , Fermented at 19c for 10 days

Mash in time!

First runnings  

70 grams of Eurka ready for a hop steep 

With an aroma of bright pine needle with tangerine, I found it a real mix of a simcoe and summit with a dank edge and a touch of sulphur on the noise. Very nice on its own but I think it could really shine with something bright like mosaic or on the danker side like Columbus.

An again a big thank you to Shane at The Home Brew Company for the hops

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