Friday, July 8, 2016

Dancing at Lunasa……..

Pours deep orange in the glass with a lovely very firm fluffy hear head.  The aroma on the noise is of spicy with a touch of pepper from the Belgian yeast following up with orange citrus notes.

Taste wise yeast spices and phenol playing a major role, finish in with a shot but pleasant hop bite. The body was a little bigger and the carbonate a little on the low side than I would have expecting from a Sasion, but did not affect it drinkability.

 It is something that could be quite popular on draft filling on the bar, filling a niche for an a approachable, but with something a little different in a beverage.  An Irish shock top perhaps? Food wise could see it pairing nicely with some fish cakes or  just something to enjoy on a summer's day, BBQing,  if we ever get one again….

A big thank you to Jack Cody's for sending these beers to try 

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  1. This time there is a good beer too :)
    teefury , redbubble , threadless.