Saturday, April 11, 2015

Short pour: "Saison's in the sun"

Dungarvan Brewery celebrates their 5th anniversary this week. Hard to believe five years has pass by so soon. I have know Cormac, Dungarvan's head brewery and one of it's founders from the old homebrewing threads on From this  an interested group founded Irish Craft brewers (ICB). Which ICB in turn evolved into Beoir as an "Independent group of consumers with a primary goal of supporting and raising awareness of Ireland's native independent microbreweries"

From a small band of homebrewers on ICB, emerged some of Irish best know craft breweries, Trouble BrewingMetalman Brewing and Dungarvan. As of Dungarvan's beers their Blackrock stout is one of my favorite beers on cask. But it's hotly contended by Helvick gold. 

For their 5th anniversary brew they decided to do something different. Not the usual barrel aged imperial stout or double IPA. They opted for a collaboration  brew with  Nøgne Ø to  produce a seaweed saision (6.5% ABV). Using locally sourced Dillisk seaweed, possibly a world first or for Ireland at least? But what a week to release a sasion on the Irish market,  five days of glorious sunshine. 

Colour: Light orange.
Aroma: Candied citrus fruits, slight sweet malt. Finishing up with a light classic saison phenols  and hint  of spiciness.
Taste: Dry, light to medium bodied beer with crisp carbonation. But the refreshing carbonic bite from the bottle conditioning  that lightens the body further.  I do like my saison's to air on the dry side. Then following with some Belgian phenols/pepperiness. Towards the ends I got a woody/ smoky taste  possibly from the seaweed, that was rather pleasant.  All ending with a light hop bitterness and a hint of  saltness. Brewed with lager malt and East Kent goldings hops is a firm nod to the traditional Wallonia  brewing. A very well brewed sasion, possible one of the best I have had from an Irish brewer. With the unique addition of Dillisk seaweed. I had the beer in its bottled form, but there are keg and casks knocking around. The interplay between the carbonation and the Dillisk seaweed would  make these different formats worth seeking out. 

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